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    ImageSnapShot of a datagrid (including non-visible portions)?


      Hello all,


      I need to get an image of a datagrid in my project.  I have done so successfully using a method like the one in this tutorial:


      http://blog.flexexamples.com/2007/11/17/taking-screenshots-in-flex-3-using-the-imagesnapsh otcapturebitmapdata-method/


      However I can't seem to get an image of the entire datagrid, even the portions which are currently scrolled off screen.  I am aware this could be a huge image, and that is fine.


      I have tried several things, including removing the datagrid from its parent and placing it in a giant, invisible container (hoping that it would adjust it to its full size if given the room).  However this didn't work.


      Anyone have any ideas?