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    Flash Game Development & Catalyst


      Hi there. How easy would it be to prototype a Flash game using Catalyst? There is a competing interaction design application that has Behaviors to do interaction design without the designer needing to hand code. I've seen a demo video showing the competing app being used to design a simple game using its Behavior features. What equivalent to Behaviors does Catalyst have?

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          The interactions that Catalyst currently supports in the beta include:


               setting component states

               setting simple properties

               basic animation

               video and swf controls (coming soon)



          Whether you could prototype a game with this would very much depend on the game. On the Catalyst engineering team I have seen a few game prototypes created including a game where you shoot at ducks as they cross the screen.


          In general I would say that making a final playable game would be difficult, but you should be able to prototype aspects of game play to communicate ideas. Prototyping the overall game UI is also something you should be able to do.



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            Intaractiv Level 1

            Something needs to be done. The competition is looking pretty good in this area. Nuff said.

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Intaractiv,


              Can you be more specific about the type of game you're looking to prototype?  What sorts of behavors are you trying to achieve?  What Interactions functionality do you feel you need that's not available in the current beta? (or missing from the list in Ty's post)


              - Peter

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                Intaractiv Level 1

                Hi Peter,


                I was seeking to find out what features Catalyst has that rivals the Behaviour feature in a competing app that's out there. I've seen a demo of the competition putting together a working mock-up of a simple game, with minimal effort. I have not seen any such demo video from the Catalyst camp. Flash game is such a big thing and i've never seen Adobe showcasing an app that's a quick n easy solution for Flash game designers to quickly put a game together. eg. a side scroller shooter game. I was hoping Catalyst would deliver the goods (game engine, components etc), since Flash Professional is mostly for developers. I want an Adobe Flash Game Designer! All I see around here is RIA, RIA! Everybody wants to build a store front, a media player or some other desktop gadget. Where is the Flash game designer?!

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                  Truce Level 1

                  As a recent progressional game developer for Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Desktop and Browser

                  I plan to create games with the new FLASH suite of solutions and look forward to learning Catalyst

                  better to aid in my game design.


                  However, creating a game builder vs a business prototyping tool would take an internal culture shift

                  in the Adobe Catalyst team. The indy game developer and Adobe would best be served with a new

                  team that focused on solving game building challenges for the indy.


                  But to be quite frank FLASH really owes a _great_ deal of its success due to the indy game industry.

                  NOT because of splash pages and web menus. Games are the reason people installed the player at

                  work and thus the reason the Ads industry could then afford to create Flash based Ads.





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                    Could you point me to a link to this duck-shoot game?