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    RDS Query Viewer - Rows Returned Limit

    Jose Galdamez

      If you run a query within the RDS Query Viewer and the recordset is larger than 50 rows, only the first 50 are displayed. It would be nice to have the option to set the maximum (or have no maximum at all).


      I realize there are a variety of database plug-ins and tools as noted on Charlie Arehart's blog. Most of these would get around this cap of 50 rows, but seeing as how we already have some database querying capability within the RDS toolset it would make more sense to just have it all in one place. I even find RDS Query Viewer useful for running other CRUD operations such as UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT.


      If for some reason Adobe is feeling the Christmas spirit at this time in the year, then making the recordset grid copy-and-pasteable would be a hot feature to have as well.

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good point, Jose. I'd missed that myself. And I just noticed this limit of only the first 50 was the case for the Adobe Eclipse Extensions for CF8, too.


          I guess in that respect I'd say that the fact I'd not noticed it until now in interesting: I've just used the feature to get a sense of what data is typically in a given table and its columns. For that, the first 50 are enough. But sure, if one wanted to browse all the records, being able to skip through would be nice (you could do that in Dreamweaver's RDS-based database viewer, which showed 25 at a time. Interestingly, HomeSite+'s database viewer simply showed all data.)


          But sure, it might be nice to see paging through the records in CFBuilder's viewer. I could see how the ability to copy text from the grid can help, too.


          And thanks for the mention of my CF411 site, Jose.



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            CFMLGuru Level 1



            In addition to this, ColdFusion 9 has implemented a 100 maxrow default for query select statements.  In order to override this you can set the maxrows value manually or you can set the value to -1.  The -1 value selects an unlimited number of results.  This isn't documented everywhere but it is a feature in ColdFusion 9.




            Braden Lake