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    Embeded Fonts

    InfoCon_Brian Level 1

      I am trying to embed a font into Flash web application using Flex Builder 3 on Windows XP 64-bit.


      Font: FranKleinBold and and FranKleinMedium

           located: http://www.dafont.com/franklein.font


      I have followed the instructions outlined in "Flex in a Week - Embedding fonts" - didn't work.

      I have tried both the css and the "Bindalbe with a Font Class" versions.

      I have also tried the font installed and "not installed"


      My application.css code:

          /* src: local("FranKleinMedium"); */
      /*     src:url("C:/adobeFlexTraining/Fonts/FranKleinMedium.ttf"); */
          font-family: "fontFranKleinMedium";
           src: url("assets/FranKleinMedium.ttf");
      /*     src: system("FranKleinMedium"); */
          font-weight: normal;


          /* src:url("C:/adobeFlexTraining/Fonts/FranKleinBold.ttf"); */
          font-family: "fontFranKleinBold";
          src: url("assets/FranKleinBold.ttf");
           /* font-weight: bold; */
      .fontFranKleinMedium {
          embedFonts: true;
          font-family:    fontFranKleinMedium;


      global {
          font-family: fontFranKleinMedium;
          color: #FFFFFF;
          fontSize: 16;



      I also ran the following code:

                  private function displayEmbeddedFont(name:String):void {
                      var font:Object = systemManager.embeddedFontList[name];
                      Alert.show(ObjectUtil.toString(font), name + ":");
                  private function initControl():void


      Both fonts are stated to be embedded, but the "FranKleinBold" is flagged as bold=false.


      Any ideas as to why the font is not showing up as "times roman"