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    internet explorer 6 problem


      hi guys, my flex app works correctly with opera,firefox and ie 8 but with ie6 I get HTTP Request Error. The code that gives that error is that:

















      function login(userName:String, password:String):





      // Store the user name




      ._userName = userName;




      // Create the web script obejct



      var url:String = ConfigService.instance.url + "/alfresco/service/api/login"




      var webScript:WebScriptService = new WebScriptService(url, WebScriptService.GET, onLoginSuccess, onLoginFailure, false, false




      // Build the parameter object



      var params:Object = new


      params.u = userName;

      params.pw = password;



      // Execute the web script




      I'm using Alfresco for authenticaion or other things. url:String variable includes the url of webscript that alfresco uses for login. I dont know it is about the alfresco but other apps with alfresco (without flex) works with ie6. So I think it is about flex. I'm using Flex 3. Do you have any idea about that problem except that ie6 sucks ?