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    Inconsistencies between ADL and installed Air runtime?

    dd Chris

      Hi Everyone,


      I have created an ftp upload program for air that mainly utilizes FTP classes from http://maliboo.pl/projects/FlexFTP/and I eventually got it working perfectly in the ADL debugger environment but when I publish it to an air file and install it the upload won't work.


      The classes use socket connections for the upload.  I realise it may be hard to give advice without me providing all of the code but I'm hopeing someone might have some general advice about diferences in the ADL environment and the installed air runtime that might cause this?


      I have noticed that the installed Air is v1.5.1 and that the ADL id v1.5.0 but I have looked at the release notes and there doesn't seem to be differences between these version that explain the problem.


      Thankyou to anyone who is able to help.