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    Problem with using swc files in Flash Player 10


      I have two Actionscript projects in Flex. One is using Flash Player 9 the other is using 10.  Both projects use the fl classes specifically FLVPlayback.

      In the Flash Player 10 project I am using the recently released version 2.5.  Both players use individual controls instead of a complete skin swf.  So the code goes something like video_player.playPauseButton = playPauseBtn.  All the swc files are imported through properties-ActionScript Build Path-Library path-add swc.  This all works great in both projects exept in the Flash Player 10 project the volumeBar swc does not load properly.  In the debug variables for a break point at the function below in FLVPlayback.as the variables handleLeftMargin, handleRightMargin, handleLinkageID and handleY are missing even though they are all in the original fla used to compile the swc.  I have tried compiling swc in both Flash CS3 and 4.  I have tried moving the Actionscript inside the fla files but nothing changes. This leads me to believe it is a bug in the Flash Player 10 or the version 10 playerglobal.swc since this part of FLVPlayback.as is identical in versions 2 and 2.5. The result is that only the volume bar renders but no handle. Debugging all through fl.video.UIManager.as handle_mc remains null?


             public function set volumeBar(s:Sprite):void {
                  uiMgr.setControl(UIManager.VOLUME_BAR, s);


      In the Actionscript 9 project all the variables are accounted for so the volume bar and handle render and work fine.


      Thank you