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    Dynamic datagrid not refreshing under tilelist


      I am creating a dynamic datagrid (no of column) under tilelist based on selection. When I load first time the no of column of this datagrid displaying correctly. After changing  the selection(increase the no of column / re-create the Arraycollection) data is changing but the no of column still same.


      We already know that Createcomplete method excute only first time, when I execute the method under createcomplete explictly from outside I am unable to get datagrid ID and Data of this datagrid under tilelist.


      In othercase I am creating dynamic datagrid without tilelist working fine.


      Please reply, if you have any suggestions or samples regarding this problem.



      Thanks in Advance

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          When I am troubleshooting something like this I always try to work at getting a simplified yet "complete" piece of code that still has the problem.


          Often, I find the problem along the way as I simplify, but if not, then I have a nice small bit of code to post in this forum, and then I usually get an answer right away.


          So we need more info on your problem, and hopefully that simplified yet "complete" code sample exhibiting the problem.

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            gsarya Level 1


            Sorry,  This is our sample code.







                      [Event(name="showGrid", type="flash.events.Event")]
                        public function onChanged(my_grid:DataGrid, my_provider:ArrayCollection):void {
                              var myEventObject:onChangedEvent = new onChangedEvent("onGridChanged", my_grid, my_provider);


                        public function initListener():void{

                        private function addNewGrid(event:Event):void{
                              // trying to call onChanged function with proper Datagrid ID with DATA



            <mx:TileList id="SampleTileList"  dataProvider="{sampleData}">
                <mx:HBox width="100%" height="100%" >
                <mx:DataGrid  id="test_grid"  name="test_grid" width="100%"  dataProvider = "{data.mydata_provider}"  creationComplete ="{outerDocument.onChanged(test_grid,data.mydata_provider);outerDocument.initListener();}" />



            sampleData ArrayCollection is re-create  on selection event.