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    How do you cancel an html cfgrid request after it is sent.

    BrianO Level 1
      I was testing a cfgrid and because of an error in the code it took a long time to respond so I hit the IE6 (I know, but that is my customer's call) stop button and tried to submit the grid request a second and then a third time. I received 3 error messages, one for each of the threads. I fixed my bug and know I'm dealing now in the asynchronous world of AJAX, but how do I programatically allow a user to cancel a request for data from a html-based cfgrid?

      The second part of this is how do I get a handle on the fact that my grid is refreshed? I refresh my grid and want to do a function in Javascript after it returns, but have found that the asynchronus nature is causing my function to run before the grid is finished refreshing and therefore it bombs. I could add a delay or somehow test for its arrival, but that does not seem very elegant.