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    Rendering HTML content in FLEX


      Hi All,
           In the Flex application we developed the header and the main application is flex and the footer is a html and has dynamic content that is supplied by the client. In this case initally we tried iframe by rendering the html content in the flex at our footer but was not able to apply it properly due to the disadvantages of iframes. Then we thought of keeping the header and footer as >swf that we developed and footer as html(supplied by client) and include both in a JSP and we face challenge like seperate scroll bars for our application and seperate scroll bar for footer. please share your thoughts and if someone have already faced this issue please suggest me what can be done.


                     The problem is that in my application it has containers with width=770 and height =480 which is clients requirement. If the user resizes the browser less than the size of 770x480 then the user wont get a scrollbar for the application and part of the will be out of screen and using the browser scroll also he cannot see the part of the applicatiobn that is removed. To avoid this we should embed our application such that even if the user shrinks the browser width less than 770x480 also the application should not shrink and use the browser scroll for this we tried using swffit http://swffit.millermedeiros.com/ this works perfect with html but fails in jsp or i m not able to make it work properly.


      Thanks in advance.