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    Premiere Pro CS3 capture error after Aug 09 vista update


      im using premiere pro cs3 on two PC's running vista.  after the last vista update last week, i can no longer import HDV or DV from my HV30.  both PC's detect the camera and ask to import into windows movie maker or other programs, but when i open premiere pro cs3 and click on capture, both PC's refuse to acknowledge that a camerat attached.  is anyone else having this error?  if so, have anyone found a soultion to this error?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Strange as it might sound, I'd also install the latest audio and video drivers. OS updates can kill these in a heartbeat. Test afterwards.


          It sounds like Vista is seeing the camera OK, but I'd check just a bit deeper. Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager (or whatever Vista might call it?), and with your camera attached and turned on, navigate to it. Open up the window for that device and check every panel. Any warnings, or errors anywhere?


          In PrPro, check all of the Capture Preferences. Anything amiss there? Anything changed, since the update?


          As a test, create a current Restore Point (do not trust that Vista has done this for you - do it manually to be sure), and then choose a Restore Point from before the Update (I'd actually go back several, if possilbe). Use that and test again. Does PrPro now see the camera and does it Capture as before? If the earlier examinations do not point up something, and this test shows that PrPro CAN Capture, you have at least narrowed it down to the Vista update.


          Good luck,