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    FLVPlayback component in Flex

    Mainmanian Level 1

      I am having a very hard time playing my flv files in videoDisplay thru an http url as the source. I am not sure if taht is because my FLV files have a lot of NetStream commands embedded in them, but they all play without video (the screen is just black). I am however able to paly taht in flash using FLVPlayback component. Does ayone know if there is a way to use that component in Flex, somehting that I could drag like a videoDisplay or similarly simpel manner? Thanks

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Here are some things to check:


          1) -use-network=true       Project - Properties - Flex Compiler - Additional compiler arguments, add -use-network=true


          2) Verify that the relative paths to the video files are correct on the server.


          3) Could be a timing issue. If the video is not streaming and its not loaded yet, black screen could be the result.


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