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    Re: PPCS4 error message, unsupported or damaged file. Need help, transferring over a network. New Problem after the orignial issue was solved.


      Hi it's me again. I guess I spoke too soon. It seemed like the importing issue was fixed with the plug-ins and driver installation for the xena was installed. but a new problem arose from it. we can now import the uncompressed clips but it plays back extremely pixelated, kind of like when you are hiding someone's identity in the news. We tried checking for differences in the configurations. We compared all setttings within Adobe Premiere. We check and installed codecs, but still no luck. We even thought of installing the capture card on the destination PC just to see if the issue was we needed a capture card to read the uncompressed file. But it seems that that isnt the case either. I'm really lost, i was really excited getting the file imported, but now the only thing I'm thinking is it can't be that the editing machines have higher speces, that is the only other difference if not for the capture card. The last thing i can think of is if the SDI cable switches any settings. I know that it did for the Betacam Deck when i tried switching from analog to SDI and back. It had trouble finding the signal until we hard reset the deck and redid the settings, at least that was my theory. I'm thankful for all the ideas last time, I'm learning more things so thanks in advance, hope again someone has the answers.