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    Adobe RoboHelp 7 does not recognize FrameMaker 6

      I am trying to create webhelp. It's my intention to use webhelp generated by RH7 as my single source output to webhelp, Word, PDFs, and my company's wiki.

      I tried to import FrameMaker 6 files into RH7 for HTML and saw the message that FrameMaker is not installed. I don't have the latest FM, but FrameMaker 6 is installed. So I converted my files to mif and then to RTF and then to MS Word doc and imported them as Word docs.

      I was very disappointed. This means I will have to do a lot of work to rebuild my TOCs, glossary, and index.

      Also, the conversion from FM to Word changed my automatic numbering to hard-coded and RH7 complied by applying a hardcoded number paragraph style in HTML. I am still new to HTML. Also, I converted files from my predecessor who inserted anchored frames for graphics in table cells in FM. So I got heavily styled HTML code in RH7 which made correcting the HTML code difficult.

      So I edited the ancient FM files and re-edited the Word files to create automatic numbering before replacing the topics in RH7. I still had to go into RH7 and replace the numbered paragraphs with the usual <ol> and <li> tags.

      In another project, I had to fix the grouping of the <ol> and <li> tags by hand. By itself, RH7 broke up the sequential numbering.

      I fear I also have to recreate all the index markings. This is a feature in RH7 I still have to master. I have to re-build cross-references internal to a topic.

      Why couldn't Adobe enable the reading of all FM versions in RH7?

      More immediately, how can I cross-reference a list number generated in HTML instead of the text or an alias, like "Step 6?"