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    Internationalization in flex

    flexprad09 Level 2

      Hello Members/Greg,


      I was trying to implement japanese locale in one of prototype.

      I probably did all the things to enable internationalization

      according to following links


      http://www.chikaradev.com/blog/?p=17  [thanks for this blog greg]



      still when i change locale to japanese everything appears in english please let me know what i may have missed.


      label="@Resource(key='gauges.panel11', bundle='gauges')"


      ths is how i set label to one of components.


      set compiler arguments like below:


      -locale ja_JP -source-path=locale/{locale}       


      path of locales  [Project-Root/locale/ja_JP/gauges.properties]


      executed this on command prompt.


      bin\compc -locale=fr_FR -source-path+=frameworks/projects/framework/bundles/fr_FR/src -include-resource-bundles=collections,containers,controls,core,effects,formatters,logging ,SharedResources,skins,states,styles,utils,validators -output=frameworks/locale/fr_FR/framework_rb.swc


      Please someone help me on this . its frustrating me now.





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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Hard to say, but I do see ja_JP and fr_FR in your post. Is this app for Japanese or French?


          My post helps you build localized framework files, and that is important, but that will only localize stuff like the month/day names in DateChooser, set up the decimal separators, etc.


          I would refer to the help sys docs on localization and try to get one of their simple sample applications working, then add more strings to the localized .properties file(s), and add more controls, and if everything worked with the simple app, then as you build the larger app everything should still work, and if not you can ask about specific problems.




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            flexprad09 Level 2

            Actually i was trying for both jp and fr one by one statically and not on the fly.

            thats why u see both. so that command i executed for fr and jp both and here i posted fr[accidentally] in place of jp.

            link was good.

            I implemented all of their samples and then found that in my app i was missing one framework[xxx_rb.swc] for japanese which was specific to my app.

            So now i got it working.

            Live docs and greg u both really rock.

            Other than that i needed to install japanese font from my windows CD otherwise letters appeared in form of boxes .