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    [CS3-VBA/JS] How to get referense on para with pic

    Beliakov Level 1

      i try to get para, previous for para with inline picture


      Set mPics = myDoc.Pages(4).PageItems(1).ParentStory.AllGraphics

      For Each mPic In mPics
      Set mPicPara = mPic.Parent.Parent 'para with pic

          Set mPara_1 = mPicPara.ParentStory.Paragraphs.PreviousItem(mPicPara) ' – writes "invalid parametr"




      by the way:

      Set mPara2 = mPicPara .ParentStory.Paragraphs.NextItem(mPicPara ) 'give reference on whole story
      Set mPara2 = mPicPara .ParentStory.Paragraphs.PreviousItem(mPicPara ) ' again – "invalid parametr"


      Where is mistake?