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    Links do, and then don't!

      I've just started trying to convert my existing FrontPage site over to DWMX. Everything is easier in DW, but when I preview my most recent page in the browser (either Firefox OR IE) the links work the first time, then quit working. I am using text links for navigation rather than buttons, and I'm using site-root relative links. The first time I mouse over the link, the url in the status bar is a complete address (file:///F:/Dad's Folder/My Documents/DW_TT/Articles/VowOfSilence.htm) where "DW_TT" is my site-root, Articles the subfolder, and then the article. If I navigate away from the page then come back and try again, the address in the status bar is (file:///Article/VowOfSilence.htm) and it will not go! Any help?
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          > and I'm
          > using site-root relative links

          that's why.
          When you press F12, dw creates a temp page and converts site root relative
          paths to document relative paths in the CURRENT document you are previewing.
          [if temp pages for f12 are not enabled, it's a checkbox in dw
          prefserences->Preview in Browser]

          Anyway, when you click the link on the temp f12 page, dw takes you to the
          the next page, exactly as it is on your hard drive. When you click a link on
          THAT page, the site root relative paths in it mean / go to the root of this

          so- either change to document relative paths, or understand what is
          happening with the site root relative paths.

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            Thanks, Alan! I knew it had to be something simple, just unknown to me.