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    Location bar does not display in CSH window

    James K. Patrick Level 1

      Good morning all,


      I've got a RH8 project calling a custom CSH window. We want the location bar to appear in the help window so users can navigate forward and backwards among the topics.


      I've created a new window in RH8 and selceted the Location Bar and Resizeable checkboxes under Properties (CSH API use only).


      When I generate and test on my local system, the location bar does indeed appear. However, when calling the help topic from the web application, no location bar appears.


      So, a couple of questions:

      1. Where does RH8 store information on the custom window I created?

      2. Is the file they're stored in human-readable? I'd like to check that what I'm doing in the RH8 UI is properly getting written to the files I'm sending to the developer.


      Thanks for any insight you can provide.