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    Automatically upload published .swf file to FTP server?


      Hi There,


      I've searched through the documentation in Flash but couldn't pin point the answer to my question that I was looking for.  Basically, everytime I make changes to my code, and then test the flash file, I want to be able to just check the changes within the context of my website that uses the .swf file.  However, as it stands now, I have to open up my FTP client to upload the .swf file when I want to check the changes to my application.


      Is there a way to simply tell flash to upload directly to my FTP server when I hit the keyboard shortcut for publish?  I've looked in the Project panel, and understand there is some versioning control there with check-in / check-out, but I don't think that is truly what I'm after.


      If you know how to accomplish what I'm looking to do, that would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all your time and help.