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    FTP Problem


      Hi all,


      I'm doing a basic ftp client in AIR, and I'm having some problems.



      private function start(account:FtpAccountVO):void 
      private function connect(account:FtpAccountVO):void
           socket = new Socket(account.server, account.port);
           socket.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA, receiveReply);
           socket.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, showError);
           socket.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, showSecError);
           socket.addEventListener(Event.CONNECT, onSocketConnect);
           socket.addEventListener(Event.CLOSE, onSocketClose);
           socket.addEventListener(Event.ACTIVATE, onSocketActivate);
      private function receiveReply(e:ProgressEvent):void
           ftpResponse = socket.readUTFBytes(socket.bytesAvailable)
           var serverResponse:Number = Number(ftpResponse.substr(0, 3));
           if (ftpResponse.indexOf("227") > -1)
                var match:Array = ftpResponse.match(/(\d{1,3},){5}\d{1,3}/);
                if (match != null)
                     var data:Array = match[0].split(",");
                     dataChannelIP = data.slice(0, 4).join(".");
                     dataChannelPort = parseInt(data[4]) * 256 + parseInt(data[5]);
                     dataChannelSocket = new Socket();
                     dataChannelSocket.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA, receiveData);
                     dataChannelSocket.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, showError);
                     dataChannelSocket.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, showSecError);
                     dataChannelSocket.connect(dataChannelIP, dataChannelPort);
      private function receiveData(e:ProgressEvent):void
           dataResponse = dataChannelSocket.readUTFBytes(dataChannelSocket.bytesAvailable);


      And, I'm getting:


      Error #2031: Socket Error. URL:
      Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: app:/app.swf cannot load data from 


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          I think you need a crossdomain.xml file.


          SWF can only load data from the same domain unless a crossdomain.xml file is setup.


          mySub.myCompany.com   is considered a different domain from     www.myCompany.com


          Also verify menubar Project - Properties - Flex Compiler - Additional compiler arguments has    -use-network=true


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            molocco Level 1

            I understand but, How is possible that I have to put a crossdomain file on each ftp site that I want to access? if I'm codding a ftp client, I want that the user just put the ftp data and "connect", without download another client, then put the crossdomain file, and then connect with the air client...


            Is it the only way?


            Thanks in advance.