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    WMF/EMF Files Illustrator CS4


      I truly hope this helps someone else out!

      After much frustration, I have finally solved the problems I was having with:

      A.      Viewing  WMF/EMF files on a Windows Vista pc.

      B.      Manipulating WMF/EMF files in Illustrator CS4.

      Viewing WMF/EMF Files:

      Download IrfanView (Freeware)

      During the install, associate WMF/EMF files with IrfanView.

      Launch program, select FILE, Select Thumbnails and navigate to folder containing target files.


      Manipulate WMF/EMF files in Illustrator:

      Select Options, Select Properties/Settings, Select Miscellaneous

      Under “Set external editors”

      Click Browse, navigate to the Illustrator exe file and select it

      Click ok

      From the thumbnail viewer window

      Right Click on the target image

      Go down to “Open with external editor”

      Select Illustrator from the fly out

      Illustrator launches and the image is available for manipulation.