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    Expanded Gradient

    ksimp84 Level 1

      Hey all,


      So I work in large format pre-flight, and we encounter a lot of problems with gradients (go figure).  I've encountered several jobs from customers where their gradients have been expanded, thus somewhat limiting our control over color matching (we can usually easily recreate the gradient, but this takes time). 


      My question is, how is this happening so much?  Is there a setting when saving your files out that will expand active gradients in AI?  If so, educating our customers about this would help reduce these issues in the future. 


      Link below for reference...




      Thanks any help would be appreciated!

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          Ozzwoman9 Level 4

          How are you saving the files that this is happening to?


          I usually see this happen when saving to a pdf and not having AI editing capabilities checked, or when saving to/from different versions of AI.

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            ksimp84 Level 1

            We're not actually saving the files and causing this to happen, this happens with customer supplied artwork before it even gets to us.  My original thought was the same as yours - probably not preserving AI editing capabilities when saving a pdf or different versions of Illy not translating to CS4 correctly, but I've done some tests and that doesn't appear to be causing it...

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              Jesseham Level 4

              Using a blend instead of a gradient would do that.  Also, I think there are some gradients in Freehand that will open in Illustrator like that.  Was the original art created in Illustrator?

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                ksimp84 Level 1

                Yeah I've seen that issue with Freehand files before as well.  Thing is I'm not sure WHAT the origin of the artwork is the majority of the time, although I would venture a guess that the majority aren't created in Freehand. 


                We've had problems ripping from Freehand files in the past and had to export to Illy, causing gradients to step out like that.

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                  PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                  If this is causing an insurmountable technicle issue in the production process you may want to consider educating your customers as to how you need files to be save for production, in writing. Also let them understand the consequences of a failed preflight.

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                    ksimp84 Level 1

                    I wouldn't consider the problem insurmountable, I was just wondering if there was a simple way to solve it on the forefront.  We have all the documentation in our file prep on how we need our files set up (not that anyone reads it).


                    I guess we'll just have to deal with it on a case by case basis - thanks for the feedback everyone!