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    FLV video plays WAY too fast

    pup500 Level 1

      I encoded an AVI w/ Media Encoder and dropped the FLV into a Flash playback component.

      In my compiled SWF, the video plays in hyperspeed (like it has a really fast framerate), but the audio plays normally.

      It seems like an encoding issue, but could it be something in Flash?

      I'm guessing there's some setting mismatch -- different bitrate, framerate, dimensions?


      I've recorded a couple screen capture vids (.AVI files) w/ CamStudio.

      CamStudio's video options:

      Compressor: Microsoft Video 1

      Quality: 70

      Set Key Frames Every: 200 frames


      Capture frames every: 5 ms

      Playback rate: 200 frames/sec

      AVI file's properties under Windows:

      Size: 168 mb

      Width: 1098 px

      Height: 823 px

      Bit Rate: 56kbps

      Frame rate: 200 frames/sec

      Data rate: 2290kbps

      Video sample size: 16 bit

      Video compression: MS-CRAM

      I encoded this file to FLV with Adobe Media Encoder several times.

      I tried a couple different presets, but I don't understand what the cause might be.