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    PPro CS4 - Import MPEG4


      Beginner on PPro CS4

      When importing MPEG4 to PPro CS4, Source Panel is perfect but resolution gets terrible on the Program Panel ...


      Anyone knows what to do ? When opening "New Project" ?


      Gerard from France

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          While it could be system related (would need the full system specs there), after you check that you have the latest video drivers, Rt-click on your Program Monitor. Choose Quality = Highest and Magnification = 100%. Does that help the preview playback?


          Good luck, and if not, please give full system specs,



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Two things.


            Make sure your MP4 is AVCHD from an AVCHD camera.  (Not all MP4s will play properly).


            Make sure you create a sequence to match the properties of the AVCHD footage form your AVCHD camera.


            If the first doesn't apply, then a consumer editor may provide better results.