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    Multiple layers needed?

    new user 56

      I would like to assign different actions to 1 image...ex. have different words on a graphic lead to their own respective pages. Do I need to break out the graphic and create a different layer/image for each word, or can i keep it as one image/layer and assign multiple links/states... txs

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          acath Level 4

          Catalyst doesn't have a notion of an HTML-esque "image map". However, you can easily get the same behavior by creating transparent buttons on top of your image. Try this:



          1.  Draw each hit area using the drawing tools (or do it in Illustrator if you need complex paths).

          2.  Convert each one to a Button.

          3.  Create the appropriate interaction for each button.

          4.  Make them all 0% opacity.


          Voila, image map!



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            new user 56 Level 1

            Thanks Adam. I'm using Photoshop and can still manipulate the images ... so I'd think it would be easier to break the image out into layers.. would be a better solution correct?.

            But basically, I have a list (words) that I want to link to various 'pages'. What I understand now is that I'm supposed to create a separate image/layer for each word. Is this correct? or do I build the list in Catalyst if it's strickly text. ... I haven't started using catalyst yet... still preparing the images.



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              acath Level 4

              Either way will definitely work, but it's generally more flexible to keep your text as separate layers. That way you can easily change it in Catalyst, add rollover colors, change font size later, make the text dynamic (e.g. for localization)...


              I'd probably recommend having a separate layer or layer folder for each interactive element.