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    "Primitive Type Returned", when I try to configure the data return type.

    injpix Level 3

      I am basically following this tutorial, Getting started with ColdFusion and Flash Builder 4 beta, but instead of using the database provided, I am using SQL Server 2008.  I am now stuck on the part titled, "Configuring the data return type".  In step 5 of this section, I submit my credentials and then I get a popup titled:


      Primitive Type Returned

      The operation returned a response of the type "Object".

      You may either update server code to fix the returned data or Click OK to set "Object" as the return type of this operation.


      I am not sure if "server code" would be my database and/or the Coldfusion code that was provided in this tutorial.  I am thinking that its the former, however I am new to both technologies.  Would anyone know why FlashBuilder will not strong type this data for me?