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    (Pre)Loading SWF and losing sound

    Mr. Aztek
      This is the same project, but I've a feeling both issues might be addressed the same way. I have to SWFs, let's call them "Main" and "Challenge." Challenge has all but one sound being exported for AS in the first frame, as I have several AS-triggered events (onSoundComplete) that moves the play head along. However the file size has become a bit large (about 6M) so we added an external preloader, but now the sounds do not play. Similarly, "Main" calls in "Challenge" to level1 after an onRelease, and the audio is also compeltely gone. So we're back at square one and trying to figure out if the preloader should be embedded into "Challenge," but also avoid the issue with it being called into level1 above "Main."

      How do I get around this? Help!