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    RH8 opens project but then hangs indefinitely - Help




      I am running RH 8 - an upgrade from RH 5. Today, when I open an RH 8 project, RH opens loads the starter page and the Project manager pane, and then hangs indefinitely. I can't open any topics, I can't navigate to any menus, pods, nothing. I can see that the folder structure (HTML, Baggage etc) but can't get it to stop hanging.

      I noticed that a number of people have had similar issues so I have done the following in an attempt at self-help:


      • I have tried opening all my projects in the off chance the problem was caused by one project, but none of them will open and RH hangs on all of them.
      • I deleted the cpd and restarted each project, and got the same problem.
      • I looked at #7 in Peter Grainges RH 8 issues page (BaseCSS_res.dll) and implemented that - same problem still exists.


      I am running a Windows XP system with 2 GB of RAM (upgraded to this because I thought it might help the slowness of RH 8 and it has somewhat (though this is an aside)).

      The projects are all on my local computer.


      Any assistance would be appreciated. I am now at the point that I may try to reinstall and rebuild a project from scratch though as they are very large I would prefer not to.


      Thank you in advance,