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    Screens, like them? hate them? also, how to use actionscript with them.

    garek007 Level 1

      So I haven't used a flash version since Flash 8. I've now been given CS4 and inheritid a flash document that uses screens. After 2 weeks of figuring out how the presentation is made to 'go' from slide to slide on keydown, I finally discovered today that it is the default behaviour.


      Ok, so this leads me to my next question. How do people here feel about screens? Like them? Hate them? I feel like I could do half of this stuff easier with actionscript. I feel constrained by this. Not to mention I put some animation into a movie clip and it seems like it's not playing, like it's just poping right to the stop action at the end of that clip.


      Can anyone tell me how to use actionscript with screens? I looked at help, but of course, the help file doesn't give me what I really need to know. I'd like to put my actions on frame one of the root and let that control everything else. But what is the syntax like? The help file recommends external scripts, but that is not an option as the CEO takes this presentation with him and I can't risk having him lose the code.


      Please give me any advice you may have. Thank you!