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    Uninstalling HHActiveX.dll from the Registry?


      I am using RoboHelp 7.03.001. I have ActiveX features, such as a Glossary, in my projects. I am providing the CHM file and the HHActiveX.dll file to the developer. Everything help-wise works great. The problem is that the developer wants the HHActiveX.dll file to be removed from the registry when the user uninstalls our product, but it does not uninstall.

      1. Is the version of HHActiveX.dll that we are using (7.01.001) the current version? (Would that matter?)
      2. If there is a more current version, where can I download it. (I recently updated RH to v7.03, but the DLL is still 7.01, if that matters.)
      3. Is there a process that I can pass on to our developer so that he can remove the file from the registry as part of his uninstall process?



      Karla Marsh