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    xmlhttp request error


      We have a Flex applicaiton that is working fine using the xmlhttp request object for background communication.  There is one user who consitently gets a xmlhttp request error (in IE6).  The user can go directly to the url that it is trying to access, so there are no security issues.  We tried disabling all the add-ons to the browser (except the flash active x control).  We checked all browser security settings and other options and didn't find any differences that would cause an error.

      Has anyone seen this type of behavior?  Any suggestions on troubleshooting this issue?





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          Kenny Yates Level 2

          Without more systems information, the first thing that comes to mind is that it might be a crossdomain issue.

          If it is, you can find plenty of information on adobe.com in reference to that.


          Let me know if you have more information but if it works in one browser, should work in all.



          Kenny Yates

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            i have the same thing happening. I have a person with two laptops both using firefox, on one laptop the swf functions as desired on the other there is a security error ( not a sandbox error - just a "security error") It is not a cross domain issue - which seems to be everyone's favorite suggestion, since the swf resides on the same server/domain its calling


            here is a similar issue http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-2264


            in my case version consistently produces the desired result where as 10.0 r32 has issues.

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              Cindy.Herrman Level 1

              It is not a cross domain issue since it uses relative referencing to make the xmlhttp request call.  It is also not a security issue.

              The user did seem to have quite a few Adobe authoring type tools open.  Does anyone know if there could be some kind of conflict with other Adobe services running at the same time?