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    Can't auto-create TOC!

    Ed Hawco

      Hi. I'm a noob with RH, and I'm following both our hastily-written internal instructions and the online Help for RH (both of which say basically the same thing in this case). TCS 1.0 on WinXP.


      I imported the FM book (right-click > Add FrameMaker File > By Reference). I did a bit of minor tweaking. Then I went to make the TOC. (I did not create it when I first imported the FM files.)


      I expanded the Table of Contents item in the Project Manager pod and double-clicked the existing TOC entry (named "<book> (Default)" where <book> is the name of the document). The TOC pod opens.


      At this point the Help says to click the "Auto-create TOC icon." I don't have that icon! There's one that looks very similar, but the tooltip says "Insert TOC Placeholder." That opens the "Insert TOC placeholder" dialog that doesn't seem to do anything. (Nothing happens when I click "View." There's nothing listed under "Used in following Table of Contents." And when I click OK it says "Cannot insert into same Table of Contents.")


      What the heck is going on? Why can't I create a TOC?

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          Ed Hawco Level 1

          For Pete's sake. Ten seconds after I posted the above I noticed that the TOC pod has a little expander arrow on its menu bar, and when I expanded it I found the "auto-create TOC" button.


          Please ignore this topic!

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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This one should probably go into the Framemaker Integration section - usually you use the TCS to create the index and TOC over in FM and then pull them both into the RH project - that's the whole point to having the TCS. There's a nice conversion settings dialog that appears when you tell the project to go fetch the FM book.


            If you've gotten in this far and don't want to start another project, you're left with manually creating TOC entries and linking them to topics. Look for icons in the TOC pod that talk about adding topics or some such (sorry, I don't have my RH open right now). You'll have to browse to find the topic you want in the add new TOC entry.


            Hope that helps somewhat,