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    Premiere Pro won't open - MAC


      I am running a trial version of Premiere Pro CS4 for Mac OS X 10. When I open the application, the start-up screen appears. When it goes away, the main screen does not come up, but the application is still running. In the menu, all menu items are grayed out with the exception of 'Hide Premiere Pro' and 'Hide Others'. I have tried re-installing Premiere Pro and restarting my computer.

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          I never post in this forum, and the OP probably figured out what went wrong by now. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 would boot but the actual program would not show up - all choices were grey or greyed out in the menu but 'Hide premiere pro' and 'Hide others'. I wasted hours on this EXACT problem, struggling to figure out what was going on - and even deinstalled and reinstalled premiere pro few times to see if it would work. I'm just posting this in case someone else has this exact same problem, and I have a solution.

          It's not necessary to deinstall and reinstall the program. All you need to do is delete your current adobe premiere pro settings to set them back to their original settings.

          To do this: First force quit adobe premiere pro unless you have quit the program already. Then go to your Macintosh HD, click users, click on your name, then documents, Adobe, and delete the entire Premiere pro folder.

          Reboot and it should work.

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