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    Speech transcript not showing up in xmp



      I'm using Adobe Production Suite CS4 (v4.1), Vista Ultimate, 64 bit, 16gb ram, Asus motherboard, etc.  From premiere I'm attempting to transcribe wav files (no video attached), English, speed slow.  AME comes up, does the process, checks green when completed, yet nothing appears in the xmp meta data tab under Transcript Speech.  I have used this feature in the past (before the upgrade to v4.1 and it worked fine, not totally accurate but a good start for a typist writing out a transcript).  I researched a former post on this on the forums (entered in Feb. of 2009) describing the exact same incident I am experiencing now.  However, no response was given to the post.  Further, the incident is happening on both of my editing computers with Production Suite CS4, v4.1, same hardware.   My wife, a court reporter, is the typist and in the past this feature did help her speed things up in getting a transcript out for production purposes.  Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Cliff Williams