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    Transparent Signature

    Lotr Gollum

      Is it possible 1.) to put a field overtop a signature field and have it show up

      2.) to make the background of a signature field transparent?


      I'm guessing 2 is impossible...


      -Master of the precious

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          What are you trying to achieve?  You can put a field over top of a signature field, but at what point do you want it available?  Do you want the field to hide the signature? do you want the field to appear after the signature field is signed?


          You are correct about #2, it cannot be made transparent.




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            Lotr Gollum Level 1

            Sorry, I'll be more specific about what I'm trying to achieve.  I have a seal inside an image field which needs to have thesignatures go right across the front of it.  My original idea was just to place the signature field overtop of it, but that obviously doesn't work because signatures have white backgrounds.  Next, I made it into a transparent gif file and tried placing the seal on top of the signature field for the same effect, but even though I send it to the front and the signature field to the back, once the form is signed the signature field always appears overtop of the seal and covers it up.   Do you have any ideas for me?


            -master of the precious

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              N Santosh Kumar Adobe Employee

              The image field with seal can be used as a custom logo by using Appearance Options of LiveCycle


              In this case the signature will appear across the image.


              I've attached a sample PDF with test signature, In your case you can add image with seal similar to the green colored area in sample PDF


              Hope that helps.



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                Lotr Gollum Level 1

                K, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I'm trying to figure out how to do a custom logo; the pdf you sent me is already signed and therefore completely useless to me...  At least now I know what the objective is, now.  I'm assuming that you do it with PDFSignatureAppearanceOptionSpec().  If anyone knows how to script this please let me know 'cause I'm a noob.  This is the non-functioning script that I've come up with so far...





                please = PDFSignatureAppearanceOptionSpec();









                -master of the precious

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                  Lotr Gollum Level 1

                  K, this is just the signature field and the image.  Thanks Santosh.

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                    I have the same problem, I think.  I would like

                    to sign a report, but have the signature show up behind the text/ signature line on the report.  I have not tried uploading my signature as a gif, but I will try that next.


                    Any other suggestions?