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    Which edition to Buy

      Hi All,

      I am currently doing some development using Flex 60days trial version. In that I am using AdvancedDataGrid control to display the final output. I am getting the "Data Visualization trial" in the background.

      Now the trial version is nearing its expiry date. When I search in this website I found that two editions of Flex is available one is standard and professional. I read that AdvancedDAtaGrid comes in Professional edition.

      My doubt is that

      1) Can I able to use the AdvancedDataGrid control in the standard edition or not?
      2) Or Do I need to buy professional edition to if I want to use AdvancedDataGrid control?
      3) Doing the development in the standard edition and building the application in professional edition will work? Since we need atleast 5 installations for our development. To avoid more expense what we thought of purchasing say 3 standard editions and 1 professional edition and do the development in the standard editions machine and make the build in professional edition which supports Adv.DataGrid.

      Kindly advise whether its feasible?