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    Exporting .mov as DV - NTSC Creates Letterbox Effect




      I've been trying to export a video and I'm getting some weird output.


      I want an uncompressed .mov file, so when I'm exporting I pick to export as .mov, then create a new preset, choose the "Apple DV/DVCPRO - NTSC" codec, and set it to 16:9 (because my project is widescreen, and I want widescreen output).


      However, the outputted video is having a letterbox effect added to it, with black bars above and below the actual video.


      Is there some option I'm missing that's forcing my video into 4:3 letterbox? What do I have to change?


      It doesn't seem to matter what I do. I've played with the pixel ratios with no effect, and it won't let me manually set a resolution: I can click where it says "720" and input a new width, but it just immediately reverts to 720.


      Any help would be appreciated.