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    Adding Problem

      Okay, i'm makeing a bank-like thing, heres the script:


      on (release) {
      if (_root.cash>=_root.bankdeposit) {
      } else {
      _root.notice = "You can not deposit that much!"
      } }

      When they type the number to deposit into the box and click +, it changes the _root.bankdeposit: 0 to 0<what they typed>

      So if they type: 1234
      With a balance of 50
      Shows: 501234 instead of adding them.

      How can I fix this?
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          DazFaz Level 1
          Its becuase flash thinks you are trying to put 2 strings together rather than add 2 numbers together.

          Make sure you have declared the money amounts as "Numbers" rather than strings.

          _root.bankdeposit = Number(varibleHere);
          _root.bankbalance = Number(varibleHere);