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    Export to QuickTime?


      I've created a movie on my Mac using Flash 8, and now I need to export it to QuickTime. Unfortunately, whenever I try to export it as Format: QuickTime, I get this error:


      The installed version of QuickTime does not support this type of Macromedia Flash movie.

      QuickTime requires Macromedia Flash version 5 or before.

      Please select "Version: Flash Player 5" in the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog.


      ...even after I do what it says and set the version to 5 or lower.


      If I try to export as Format: QuickTime Video, I get this error:


      Could not complete operation because of an unknown error.


      Great. Very helpful.


      I really need to get this video into a YouTube-compatible format. If I can just get it into .mov format, I have a video converter that can convert it to .mp4. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem, or any other third-party solutions to convert my .swf or .fla to a .mov or .mp4? I've tried everything I can think of and I'm really getting desperate. Thanks.


      Edit: I've read that in order to get it to work, I need to downgrade to QuickTime 7.2, but I've tried that, and that version of QuickTime is not compatible with Mac OS 10.5 which is what I am running. So that is not an acceptable solution. Any help would be appreciated SO MUCH.

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          In my experience Flash 8 was never able to successfully export to Quicktime, no matter what you did.


          Flash CS3 is the first version of Flash where this export option actually worked.


          I recommend one of two things:


          1. Export to AVI, uncompressed.  You will end up with a very large file, but there are a panoply of software out there that can convert an AVI to MOV, or even MP4

          2. Download the trial for Flash CS4, open your project in there and export to quicktime.

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            ekl22 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, Ross. Unfortunately, I can't export to AVI because I have a Mac and as far as I can tell, that option is not available on Macs (at least, it's not available on my machine).


            I have tried downloading the trial version of CS4 and exporting to QuickTime from there, but ran into another problem. In all of the videos I exported, the audio was so badly out of sync with the video that the movie was worthless. Any insight on this problem would also be greatly appreciated.


            The weird thing is that I know I've gotten the Export to Quicktime (or QuickTime Video) function to work at least once in the past, with a different file (and I have the video to prove it). But now trying to export to QuickTime the very same file causes an error.

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              Export from flash 8 as Quicktime Video.  The other option (just quicktime) doesn't export properly and never has for mac OR pc users. AND sad to say, has been unfortunately dropped in later versions of flash when adobe took it over.  Quicktime video is basically the equivalent of export as AVI for pc and IT WORKS!  Sure wish they would bring that export option back because its going to screw up a lot of peoples television production workflow.