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    How to go about creating this type of Project?


      I have been struggling for some time with this - how to do it and whether to use AS2 or AS3. A part of this project was working somewhat with AS2, decided to try AS3, and was lost beyond lost.


      I am trying to do the following: I have a project file open in CS4. It currently has a background image which is locked. I want to include a menu with links/sublinks on the left side, a corporate video in the middle and another video on the right. The menu on the left (links/sublinks) simultaneously controls the other two videos. If the user clicks the 'stop' link, both videos stop. I would also like to include a scrubber, to control the video (play, pause, rewind, mute).


      I am trying to do this in pieces - first get the video imported and playing, then create scrubber/playcontrols, then incorporate second video, and finally add the menu (links/sublinks).


      I have created sites with Flash, but this project has me baffled. I have spent months on it.


      As an example - I am struggling just to import the first video. Do I embed it? It seems as though each time I import the video, it does something different. I was told to embed it into the timeline (each frame of video would be on its own frame in the Timeline). This would alleviate AV synch issues, and allow me to control everything at once.


      Help.  (a tutorial of this would be awesome, I have tried several.)