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    Robohelp Compatibility with Trados


      I use SDL Trados 2007 for translating Word and FrameMaker (converted into .ttx files) documents from German to English. My company is looking to buy Robohelp for using with FrameMaker.

      I need to know whether Robohelp is compatible with Trados, i.e. whether Robohelp documents can be converted and reconverted to run through Trados without all the formatting being ruined or some other problem.

      Has anyone had experience of using these two tools together? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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          johndaigle Level 4

          Hi, Sophie

          I would think they would be compatible. I know that SDL Trados works closely with Adobe and have even co-presented at STC meetings, etc. When you search for information, be careful you are not looking at some old posts that refer to older versions of either Trados or RoboHelp.


          To get the most current information I would reach out to RJ Jacquez, the Adobe TCS evangelist. You can twitter him @rjacquez or take a look at his blog,