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    Problem in converting an xdp file to xsd

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           I designed one form and i  saved that form as both xdp and pdf.I also created an xfaform variable in the workbench to hold that form.But in the variable dialogue box,in the schema settings ,the form schema is not displaying as no schema is available.But am unable to create an schema or an xsd file for the same form which i have designed..Can anyone suggest one solution for how to covert an xdp or pdf file to xsd file....I am unable to procedd my process due to this issue.....

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          pguerett Level 6

          The forms do not create schema files for you. You have to create your own if you want one. The schema files only define the structure of the data that is in the form.



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            Thanks for giving me a reply.But my question is whether i shoul create xml schema for each form which i am designing.Because right now i am going to build one livecycle application.I can provide you the sumary of that application..Please go through that and give your valuable suggestions....





            An employee fills up (online or offline whichever is suitable for him/her) and sends an Expense Reimbursement Form to his/her Head of Department (HOD) for approval. Employee can also use Adobe Livecycle Workspace to fill up the said form. HOD has rights to approve or reject the said form. In case of rejection, employee will be notified through email. If HOD approves the form, it then redirects to Accounts Department for reimbursement. After the operations of Accounts Department like valuation of expense etc., the form then redirects to Administration Department for further processing like cheque no. entry etc. Finally, employee will be notified through email to collect his/her cheque from concerned department.

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              You do not have to create a schema it can work without one. The advantage of the schema is that the Process designer can see the structure if the data if they need to interrogate the data on the server side. This does not mean they cannot interrogate the data if there is no schema (you woudl simply need to know the structure of that dat to look at it) instead of picking it from a tree view.


              Note that if you decide to use a schema that you shoudl create one for all data in the application not one schema per form.


              From a proces management perspective there is no advantage to having one.