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    How to make exported Flash files as small as possible?

    JamesMediaMan Level 1

      I am producing some Web Presenter videos, and they are going to be embedded onto a website.


      This is my current workflow:


      .Import video and then Key it in Adobe Ultra

      .Import keyed footage into After Effects to allow me to set pixel dimensions for composition

      .Render as flash file


      Currently, I am rendering them as .Flv (web small) in the settings, but the files are coming out at 8-12mb, and the video is only 60 seconds long. I have seen some guys get flash videos of this length down to 3mb.


      My question, am I rendering under the most sensible settings, or is there something better I should be doing? I need to keep the files small, but without losing much quality.


      Here is an example of a recent Web Presenter I did: http://www.ukpostbox.com


      I did the filming and presentation, and a friend (who has since died) did the editing. It will give you an example of the effect I'm looking for. Also, is the 'start' button something I can add myself, or is that normally done by the web designers at the clients end?


      You might need to explain everything in simple terms to me as I am very new to After Effects, and this type of editing system.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          First off and somewhat related, but not specific video: Find a way to deal with the search feature on the page. When JavaScript is suppresed, the layout falls apart due to the PHP error messages. Add a conditional statemet  and a <no script> handler to prevent that (there is none, just a paragraph that pretends to do that, which it doesn't). For the video - it uses too high data rates and the full framerate. It's still common to reduce to 15 fps (which, if you use Timewarp and motion estimation blending will still look smooth). This will easily shave off almost half the file size. You can in addition also reduce the data rate. Personally I find nothing with slightly soft web video, as long as it doesn't jam up the lines and you could assume that since people see not so great video on YouTube and elsewhere al lthe time, they would not be offended, too.



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            JamesMediaMan Level 1

            If it's the page I linked to above that you're talking about, it isn't miy site - simply a site for a client of mine, and I will pass your comments onto him.


            Where do I find Timewarp etc, and how do I apply them to my video?


            Shall I still output in .flv (web, small)?

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              yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

              You may also have to edit the export settings.


              When you export to flv with the preconfiguration "web small" you shall dig in it and adjust the data rate (lower it until you get the quality you want).


              Sadly, encoding isn't a skill that have a long curve of learning, and relying on pressets is just the first step (and encoding much depends on what is in the frame, so it's a science by itself as soon as you want more control on your outputs). Also, AE is a compositing system, not an encoding software, so if you have the Production Premium, Master Coolection or Premiere, you should definitly want to export your project from the Adobe Media Encoder.


              One of the most important step in downsizing the size of your video while keeping quality is to do "dual pass" encoding, and AE can't do that.


              The great thing is that you can import an AE composition right inside AME, so you don't need to do a temp encoding.