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    Navigation keys are wrong on mac


      Hi there, anyone know how to work around this, it's a real productivity killer.


      On mac, the shortcut keys we use for traversing a document via end of line, or word by word, are different from on windows. e.g:

      apple + left is bol, apple +right is end of line, alt and left is one word at a time.


      This is fine in eclipse on my mac in java editors, text editors, any editor except flashbuilder's actionscript editor, where it ALMOST works.. but alas not quite..


      the key behaviour will not go to the dot between:




      in this case the alt key will go either side of the text, not to the dot in the middle. This can become very tiresome, quickly.


      Anyone know how to get around this, or am I stuck with it? Do I need to raise a bug?