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    Update/Edit a database through cfajaxproxy


      Hey all.  I have been trying to get this to work for two days and am stuck.  I want to be able to edit a database through a cfajaxproxy function.  Here is what I have:


      <cfajaxproxy cfc="#application.cfcRoot#schedulerFunctions" jsclassname="schedulerProxy">
                  var schedulerProxy = new schedulerProxy();

                  schedulerProxy.setCallbackHandler( successHandler );
                  schedulerProxy.setErrorHandler( failHandler );


                  function updateGame( gameID, divID )

                      // grab these two values from two selection elements on the page
                      var homeTeam = document.getElementById( "select1" );
                      var visitorTeam = document.getElementById( "select2" );
                      gameProxy.updateGameMini( gameID, homeTeam.value, visitorTeam.value );
                  function successHandler( result )
                      alert( result );
                  function failHandler( statusCode, statusMsg )
                      alert( "failure" );
                      alert(statusCode+': '+statusMsg);


      And I have the aforementioned cfc with this.  In it, I want to update the games field with the two values.  So the meat of the function is:


          <cffunction name="updateGameMini" access="remote" returntype="query" output="false">
              <cfargument name="ID" type="string" requried="yes" hint="Game ID">
              <cfargument name="homeTeam" type="string" required="yes" hint="Home team unique ID">
              <cfargument name="visitorTeam" type="string" required="yes" hint="Visitor team unique ID">


                <cfquery name="myUpdateGame" datasource="#application.datasource#" username="#application.dbUser#" password="#application.dbPass#">
                  UPDATE games
                  SET home=<cfif arguments.homeTeam EQ "">NULL<Cfelse><cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#arguments.homeTeam#"></cfif>,
                  visitor=<cfif arguments.visitorTeam EQ "">NULL<Cfelse><cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#arguments.visitorTeam#"></cfif>
                  WHERE gameID=<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#arguments.ID#">


                <cfreturn myUpdateGame>



      But I keep getting "500: Internal Server Error".  Why?  Is this possible to run an UPDATE database call through a cfajaxproxy cfc function?