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    Manipulate y-axis of built-in tooltip?

    stickamw Level 1

      Hi all,

           Quick question...is there a way to manipulate the y-axis position of a tooltip without using a custom tooltip? For example, I have an image that has uses the builtin tooltip and I need to have it display above the image.

           I have a series of images, side by side, in the bottom right of my screen...when a user hovers over one of the images, because they are already grounded in the bottom right, the tooltip shows up and covers the images so the user has to really pay attention to the text to realize which image they are clicking.

      <mx:Image id="cascadePic" source="{cascadeBtn}" buttonMode="true" click="cascadeWindows()" verticalCenter="0" right="70" toolTip="Click to rearrange your widgets staggered one on another." />

           I'm trying to see if there is an easy way to deal with this without having to dig into custom tooltips.

      Appreciate the help!