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    Percent widths on ADG Columns?


      Hi All,


           Here's a quickie that I can't seem to find an answer for...


           Is there a simple method to set the columns widths for an ADG to percentages instead of pixels?  You cannot use width="25%" and there is no percentWidth property on the columns.




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          flexprad09 Level 2

          You have to use columnwidth attribute of your AdvancedDataGrid tag.

          like this: <mx:AdvancedDataGrid columnWidth="40%">



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            stickamw Level 1

            Hi Prad,


                 Thanks for the quick reply...


                 This doesn't quite solve what I need to do....I need to be able to manipulate the individual percentage width of each of the 8 columns in my ADG.  And, they range in widths from 5% to 20%.  Setting the column width at the ADG level will apply that one width to all columns won't it?