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    Quirks in CS4 with Canon Powershot avi files ...


      I am throwing together clips taken with a Canon SD1100 (Powershot compact).  Everything imports fine and all, but I noticed some things that stimulated questions.


      When the source clip is dragged to the timeline, the audio always goes on a track ONE NUMBER GREATER than the existing audio tracks in the sequence.  That is, if there are three tracks by default, the audio from these files is put into a new Audio Track 4.  If I create a 4 prior to insert, it creates a 5 and puts the audio there.


      How come?


      Also, the INSERT button never sends the audio to ANY track.  You have to drag it as above to get audio into the timeline.


      Is this all due to the file format?  Why do these things happen?  I did a whole project with INSERT working yesterday and now the audio doesn't insert ...


      Just fiddling with a friend's CS4.  I own CS2 and it has a toggle button for video/audio/both in the source monitor.  Why depart from this?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Why do these things happen?


          Basically because you are using a still camera in a professional video editing environment. Like you were using a salad bar to prepare a 1000 people barbecue. Not much chance of success.


          Use the right tool for the job: Either a VIDEO camera with PR, or a STILL camera with a consumer application, like Movie Maker.

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            KaiserBoy Level 1

            Well, I understand your sentiment, but PPro is my familiar environment.  I've been using it for five years with DV and HDV stuff, and just thought I'd give CS4 a try with some small vids taken on a small cam.  It would be a hassle to go "down" to another editor for this small task.


            Anyway, it works fine, but just does the things I've mentioned.


            Now, for my Canon 5D MkII files ...  Looks like it won't be PPro to do those any time soon ...