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    Problems using text


      Hi there,

      While I am new to using Fireworks I thought I had a good working knowledge of picture editing programs however I am finding that while Fireworks is great with some things and is easy to find and use new editing tools some basic things elude me.

      One of these being text. I have made a box in Fireowrks and placed a beveled frame round it as this is what I want text to appear in on a webpage. My problem is that no matter what I do the text I then apply over it pixilated no matter how much anti-alias I use.

      As a result I have to save it as a jpeg and apply text using another paint program and while the result is far better it is still not perfect.


      So I guess I am enquiring, while Fireworks seems a great editor to use I must be missing the obvious. Could anyone tell me in none techno talk how to apply text over a coloured box please? Ironically pictures are not a problem so am wondering why I can't seem to work this out.


      Many thanks, Peter.

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          pixlor Level 4

          One procedure that seems to work for me is to make the Fireworks document 2 or 4 times bigger than my plan, export a PNG24 version, open that flattened file and reduce to 50% or 25%, as appropriate.


          You might try that. If you do, make sure your FW document has a few extra pixels around the your object (for blending during reduction) and also that the height and width are evenly divisible by 2 or 4. Once your image is resized, you can trim away any remaining excess pixels.

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            Pete-1967 Level 1

            Hi there,

            Thanks for that however that doesn't really work for me. As I have created a box with a beveled edge, after adjusting the size then saving and then reducing the border is to thin. I guess one option the would be to make the border thicker in the first case. However after all that the text still isn't as clear as I require and that is using Ariel and not my preferred font Swis721 Th Bt which is a lot thinner.


            I am surprised that a program such as FW cant just format a text box over an image and maintain the quality, other far inferior, older programs seem to. Looks like I'll be using them instead, very disappointing.


            Thanks very much anyway, it is appreciated.


            Regards, Pete.