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    segfault with 8GB RAM on ubuntu 9.0.4

    Reimar Bauer

      Currently it looks to me that only systems with 4GB or less are able to access pdf forms.

      I have a bunch of systems which are quite identical besides there memory setup.


      The systems with 4GB work well all with 8GB do give segfaults


      --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---
      rt_sigaction(SIGABRT, {0x1000000000000000, [], SA_STACK|SA_NOCLDSTOP|0x55560}, {0x84fc6f2, [QUIT ABRT BUS KILL ALRM STKFLT TSTP URG XCPU XFSZ VTALRM PROF WINCH IO PWR SYS RTMIN], 0}, 8) = 0


      Any ideas?